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I am here to support you. All too often, women in our society experience a sense of disconnection, depletion and a general sense of dis-ease.  I can assist you in reclaiming your sense of energy, vitality and engagement with life!  Cultivating a lifestyle that is in accordance with your core values and which promotes a greater sense of comfort and flow adds zest to each day and  years to a lifetime.

        My unique skillset as an Integrative Trauma Therapist coupled with my gifte as a Holistic/Naturopathic Wellness Practitioner and Healer enables me to deeply promote integration of aspects of self, an accepting and even friendly attitude toward the body, and  reattunment to individuals' Internal Guidance System, or Voice of Intuition.

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       Whether we engage in a brief energy reading, attunement and alignment or engage in deeper session work, you will feel a greater sense of clarity and openness, or space.  I work by infusing various elements of different modalities, depending on individual condition, constitution, needs and preferences.  Modalities employed include Craniosacral Touch, Therapeutic Sound, Yoga Therapy, Embodied Movement, Crystal Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Reiki, Metatronia Therapy, Lemurian Light Ray Therapy and Light Language. I am also gifted in the area of providing mindfulness, meditation and breath work skills, and well-versed in the neuroscience and physiology which makes these effecrive modalities.  My speciality is leading individiduals on Inward journeys to connect to their subconscious and receive Guidance through Guided Hypnosis Meditation Journeying.  Ask me about entering your Healing Space, Meeting your Guides, or the Medicine Wheel Retreat experience.  

          In my work as an Integrative Therapist, I  often assist Others in going inward, identifying and embracing their own Divine Gifts and tapping into their Internal Guidance System through accessing Intuition and activating their abilities to engage their psychic or "extra-sensory"/"other"-perception gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance and claircognizance in order to cultivate a lifestyle that helps them to promote shifts which enable them to come into greater alignment and flow with life.  

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