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Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.” – Unknown

Connect with Me

Connect with me to begin cultivating a healing lifestyle to address the following concerns:


-An overwhelming sense of depletion, fatigue or frequent exhaustion

-A feeling that you've lost your "spark" or your mojo

-A tendency to people-please or over-give to the point of depletion or exhaustion

-A need for Self-Care repertoire, rituals, routines and procedures

-A predominating sense that you are pushed, pulled or even dragged around by life, not feeling as though you are an agent of change in your own life experience.

-Disconnection from your creative energy, your sense of flow and your passion and enjoyment of the things you have always loved doing or spending your time on?

-A diminished sense of vitality and life-force essence

-Frequent overwhelm leading to states of inaction and "freeze response"

-Difficulty identifying and meeting your own needs?

-Managing resources--time, energy, money, etc.

-Honoring your own needs and desires

-A lack of clarity, sense of confusion, or simply a sense of just "going through the motions" or being "checked out"

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